[Distro] UK Gold - Epigram No. 2 LP


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Self-released LP from our friends UK Gold of Olympia, Washington. Theme songs for the new & very suspicious proletariat.

Words on the band's debut 7":
"Their take on tense, aggressively dry post-punk is almost disarmingly straightforward—Matt Murillo talk-shouts Wipers-esque narratives of paranoia and alienation while simultaneously pounding his drums in simple but clockwork-precise rhythms, as Forrest Peaker’s jagged guitar cuts in and out as the anxiety level rises. There’s enough dissonant, coldly fixed-gaze moments to add in a No Wave qualifier or two (specifically the punishing-yet-restrained minimalism of Glenn Branca’s guitar abrasion in the Static and Theoretical Girls), with shadowy drones that slowly unfold into a hallucinatory tightrope walk between calm and noise suggesting sorely underrated first-wave New Zealand post-punks the Gordons transported to the grey gloom of the Pacific Northwest." (Erika Elizabeth, Maximum Rocknroll)

Limited to 300 copies, includes download code.