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The Bedrooms – Passive Viewing LP


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Debut vinyl release from the Bedrooms. Nine songs of Newer Romantic drama & intrigue; a trail of smoke from a clove cigarette.

"This long awaited release by the Bedrooms completes the mythology of a band learned of in local circles of the like-minded and spoken in reverent tones by the passionate few. The Bedrooms have a classically rain-streaked Portland post punk sound that reflects the bleary winter of endless gray days and pitch-black nights. Their rhythms are charged with the desperation of driving in a storm while the guitar's single note knife-edge glints against the vocal's guiding light, crooning new romantic but not naive. Their songs speak to the private dramas and dreams that happen behind closed doors and while they herald of dystopias (which no doubt we're in the timeslip of) they remind us to avoid becoming wearied or callous, for with every winter we can have a hope for spring." (Corby Plumb, Totally Different Head zine)

200 copies pressed, two-color risographed fold-over covers in hunter green & flat gold, download code included. DD-01

Also available via:
Strangeworld Records (Australia)

Available in-person in Portland, OR via:
Speck's Records